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I went from donating 3,000 a year to nothing.
Joe- Post - Top - Home - Printer nature Friendly - Translate Subject: RE: BS: Dead babies and nature Tuam Bon Secours nuns From: Musket Date: 05 Jun 14 - 06:26 AM So, let's get this straight.
" Well Mr Joe (don't you find this hostile formality as childish as I do?
The theocracy they ran over the Irish people questions the right of such organisations to even exist in a civilised world.Date: 05 Jun 14 - 05:26 PM I remember, while watching films about the laundries, wondering how much choice the nuns had had about their lives, and if the bitterness was because they were victims, too.Post - Top - Home - Printer Friendly - Translate Subject: RE: BS: Dead babies and Tuam Bon Secours nuns From: akenaton Date: 29 Jun 14 - 12:38 PM Joe has enough to do fending off the Mudcat anti faith "vultures without involving him.To my mind, it appears that you and Musket at very good at the same moralistic judgmentalism you accuse the Catholic Church of' Speaking for myself here I think I am most outraged reduction by the fact the first priest to be seen commenting.And the stories are the same all over the world during that period.I know about the skullduggery,.Jim Carroll One more time - the argument in full: faith schools ARE divisive.They were nice to me when I was a kid. Jim Carroll dark elements OF OUR past ARE also forces IN OUR present Fintan O'Toole The Irish psychosis whose latest expression is thousands of nature dead babies in unmarked graves is a compound of four elements: superiority, shame, cruelty and exclusion.
Of course a 13 year old is as well.
Pius IX and the loss of the Papal States brought about what is sometimes referred to as the Cult of the Papacy - the belief in the Pope as the center of the faith of the Roman Catholic Church.
No matter how old the criminals are, IMO they are still punishable.The situation probably is different today.Nearly 16 per cent of children attend schools that select on religious identity.That's how you get callous nuns, buggering priests and gilded Vatican halls.But then I read a number of accounts from people who had lived in these institutions, and I found that the conditions were about the same level of harshness and cruelty that was experienced.S.I read an in depth article in The Guardian today about.It is a fallacy to issue a blanket condemnation of the Catholic Church as a whole (as you have done for that is the essence of bigotry.As you have stated in the past, Joe, sexual crimes against minors (male and female) under their care has occured in many organizations.Rog Post - Top - Home - Printer Friendly - Translate Subject: RE: BS: Dead babies and Tuam Bon Secours nuns From: guest, Peter Laban Date: 05 Jun 14 - 11:50 AM Jack, there are several angles on this as I understand.